What is Rocket Square ?

Rocket Square is an online resource providing Python tools to simplify and automate an artist’s workflow within Autodesk Maya.

What is our Mission ?

We aim to create tools that focus on 4 key features.


Useful functions that streamline time consuming tasks.


Interfaces that are clean, easy to read and with a minimal workspace footprint.


Developers respond to user feedback and evolve with ever changing needs.


Time savers that cost less than a few latte’s.

Who is the Crew ?

On board the ship is Erik Lehmann.

A German 3D artist who has been in the VFX industry for 10+ years. He is currently at DNEG as a Lead Build TD in Vancouver, BC. Other studios Erik worked for include Scanline, Framestore, Cinesite, Image Engine and MPC.

What ignited the Rocket ?

The tools were born out of observations on the job, especially technical or repetitive processes that can be automated to save time.

Time to Launch